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Interested in writing a blog post for me?

I'm always looking for guest blog writers who are knowledgeable on any garden topic to submit a piece. You might know a great way to grow tomatoes, or have a cool step-by-step tutorial for Kokedama Balls. If you have something you want to share with the world, send me an email with your idea and we'll go from there. Be sure to tell me your instagram name or blog url so I can let my readers know where to go for more!

Want to see your product in my weekly reviews?

Not only am I always excited to find great new products, I love to share them with my readers too! If you have a product you'd like to get out there please email
I am offering this as a FREE service for small businesses and ALL Tasmanian businesses, however all reviews will be completely honest and it is your responsibility to provide me with the product you wish to be reviewed. I will not accept payment to provide a positive review as I have total transparency with my audience. 
International businesses and large corporations will incur a small advertising fee which can be negotiated, however all reviews will remain honest despite the fee.

All other enquiries

If there's anything I haven't covered that you want to get in touch about, just email me here daynah@rosasbackyard.com I look forward to hearing from you.