Guest Blogging Guidelines

I love getting guest writers on here, as you all have so much wonderful knowledge and different experiences. You also live in different states and countries so your information is valuable to my readers!

When it comes to guest posts there are a few rules and recommendations to follow, just to keep in tone with the blog. Your post may not be published if these rules aren't met, but they're very simple.

Guidelines for Guest Blogging

No Advertising
This is to ensure that all writers for my blog are genuine. You are welcome to link back to your own blog or social media account where advertising may be current, but please do not a write an ad or blog post to promote your product or with links to buy things. I have a list of paid advertising options available here for anyone interested: Advertising Options
No Bad Language
Of course, no swear words, no offensive phrases etc. Any blog posts with this included will not be published.

These are the only rules. It would be beneficial to both of us if your let your readers and social media followers know that you have a post on my blog, so share the link around if you wish.

If you are unsure if your post may break any rules but you still want it to be published, please write "ALLOW EDITING" at the top of the email. This will allow me to remove banned content from your article and still post it.

Once you're happy with your article, please email it to:

Thank you!

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